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I see my work as a lawyer as both an art and a science. I believe in the Japanese idea of kaizen–continuous improvement–and look forward to a lifetime of study of the law, persuasion, and becoming a better person. Another useful Japanese word that English lacks is masakatsu–to win directly, correctly and with integrity. This is my goal as a trial lawyer.

I am a dual Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate who handles cases across the United States. I am mostly known for my work in the area of truck accident litigation and safety, but love helping lawyers in all kinds of cases. You can find a fuller biography, including my credentials and publications, here.

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I can say without doubt this seminar has improved the way I practice law.
- Joe Ervin

It was an amazing experience.

I am looking forward to applying my take away from the workshop in future trials.
- Philip Price

A more mindful approach.

The workshop made me a better lawyer and more thoughtful person.
- Martin Mathers