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The Zen Lawyer Book
Winning with Mindfulness

The Zen Lawyer: Winning With Mindfulness

In The Zen Lawyer, trial attorney Michael Leizerman offers easy-to-adopt techniques you can use to immediately improve your practice. Leizerman, with Zen master Jay Rinsen Weik, interlaces Zen and mindfulness exercises with practical case examples to demonstrate how being a Zen lawyer means being a better lawyer. Leizerman’s comprehensive approach shows how mindfulness brings greater clarity and persuasion to your cases. His examples and exercises walk you through ways to elicit game-changing witness testimony during depositions and trial, more effectively deal with difficult judges or opposing counsel, improve damages, and use proven tools to show the jury why a just verdict for your client is the right thing to do. This book is a must-read for any lawyer who seeks to make the world a better place, one case at a time.

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Praise For The Zen Lawyer Book

Search for the truth.

Embody the integrity of each case's core truths, creating a palpable, winning contrast with opposing advocates.
- Eric Oliver

The true study of the practice of law.

Michael with Rinsen have done something here which simply has not been done before.
- Joshua Karton

What a terrific book.

This book changes the way lawyers should prepare their case and the way lawyers should try their case.
- Tom Girardi