The Zen Lawyer Michael Leizerman

Praise For The Zen Lawyer Workshop & Retreat

It was an amazing experience.

“It was an amazing experience. Not a day has gone by where I have not contemplated some aspect of what I learned.  I am looking forward to applying my take away from the workshop in future trials.

I want to thank your personally for putting on your closing argument.  It was powerful and impressive.  I knew you were a great attorney before meeting you at the workshop but it was very eye opening to see how your present yourself and build a relationship with the jury in person.”

Philip Price

A more mindful approach.

“If you are weary of the same old CLE – truth warriors is the path!  It uses the skills we all have as trial lawyers and combines those skills with a more mindful approach to every part of your trial preparation and presentation, from case selection, to jury selection, to verdict – and beyond.  The workshop made me a better lawyer and more thoughtful person – both of which I will continue to practice. Thanks, Michael.”

Martin Mathers

I recommend it to all trial lawyers.

“One of the most powerful trial advocacy seminars I have ever attended. It was a cleansing, invigorating, and emotionally charged experience that taught me more about the power within me to persuade, to educate and to feel, as opposed to the nuts and bolts of trial prep.

I recommend it to all trial lawyers, young and old.”

Rob Erney

A truly eye-opening experience.

“The Core Method Seminar was a truly eye-opening experience.  You have the unique opportunity to learn effective communication and presentation strategies from a talented and gifted actor, as well as Zen and meditation techniques from a true master of both.  You will quickly see how Michael has combined these methods to obtain incredible results in the courtroom.  You will learn through a gifted trial lawyer how to tell your client’s story, how to connect with the jury, and how to empower the jury to obtain the verdict your client deserves.  No matter where you are in your practice or your career, you will leave the seminar as a better attorney and a better advocate for your clients.”

Curtis Fifner

“Something I learned in your workshop, that I have not learned anywhere else, is how to take truth into a courtroom so our clients have the winning edge.”

Tom Plouff

I would definitely recommend!

“Michael, and our other two teachers, Joshua Karton and Jay Rinsen Weik held our attention every session pouring everything they had into helping each of us become Core Truth warriors, better lawyers, and better story tellers. We learned methods to center oneself in the face of anxiety before and during trial by applying mindfulness and meditation practices, how to prepare a client’s case using the Core Truth method, and how to connect to jurors, witnesses and others in a trial and in life.

Every day, every session, from 7 am to 10 pm, with breaks for lunches and dinners, had 100% attendance, and no one was in a hurry for a session to end. I have never seen that level of commitment by attendees and teachers at a legal workshop. Also, Michael, Rinsen and Joshua were always available to speak with attendees about individual matters.

I would definitely recommend Michael’s next Core Method Workshop to male and female lawyers of all ages and experience levels.

Thank you Michael, Joshua, Rinsen, and all my fellow attendees—as many said, it was an experience we will never forget.”

Michael J. Malkiewicz

Well worth the price of admission.

“The workshop provided me with several tools that have been beneficial in both my practice and my personal life.   Moreover, it renewed my passion for a profession that was no longer providing me with satisfaction.   The workshop is well worth the price of admission in terms of both your time and your money.”

Jim Malek

Take advantage of this opportunity.

“There is nothing out there like Michael Leizerman’s Core Method Workshop.  Michael is a terrific teacher, who approaches cases from a completely different perspective.  It is also impossible to spend more than ten minutes with Joshua Karton and not walk away a better lawyer.  Finally, Jay Rinsen Weik brings a joyful calm that would benefit any trial warrior.  As a past attendee, I can say without doubt this seminar has improved the way I practice law. I would encourage any trial lawyer to take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow.”

Joe Ervin
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I thought the program was outstanding, truly outstanding.”

Jim Wood
New Mexico

“The Three Core Workshop opened me up to understanding myself and how to relate to others. I learned not so much about persuasion but about teaching and understanding with logic and emotion; like life. You’ll work with the best and come out so much better!”

Scott Elliot Smith