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Upcoming 2020 Workshop:
October 29 - November 1 will be rescheduled to early 2021 due to Covid-19

The Zen Lawyer Michael Leizerman

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Winning with Mindfulness

The Zen Lawyer

For lawyers who want to be the best they can be, personally and professionally.

“Zen” roughly translates as “reality.” The goal of Zen practice is to experience your life as it actually is. It is about developing an inquisitiveness about life. It is about preferring to be authentic rather than striving to be perfect. Zen lawyers have an honest presence that makes people feel safe, heard, and seen.

To help my fellow lawyers discover the power of mindfulness, I created the guidebook The Zen Lawyer, as well as the Core Method Workshop.

The Core Method Workshop helps jurors have a direct experience of the truth of five core areas: physical, emotional, logical, motivational and Zen. The workshop includes a fusion of knowledge from theater arts, martial arts and mindfulness training, taught by Joshua Karton,  Jay Rinsen Weik, and myself, Michael Leizerman.

I have used the techniques from the Core Method Workshop, as well as in The Zen Lawyer, to repeatedly obtain justice for my clients with meaningful settlements and many record verdicts. I look forward to sharing these methods with you.


Toledo Mindfulness Institute

The Zen Buddhist Temple of Toledo

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Praise For The Core Method Workshop

It was an amazing experience.

I am looking forward to applying my take away from the workshop in future trials.
- Philip Price

Take advantage of this opportunity.

I can say without doubt this seminar has improved the way I practice law.
- Joe Ervin

A truly eye-opening experience.

You will leave the seminar as a better attorney and a better advocate.
- Curtis Fifner