The Core Method Workshop

Upcoming Workshop Dates: August 23-26, 2018

The Zen Lawyer Michael Leizerman

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Winning with Mindfulness

The Zen Lawyer

This is for lawyers who want to be the best thy can be, personally and professionally.

Zen roughly translates as reality. The goal of Zen practice is to experience your life as it actually is. It is about developing an inquisitiveness about life. It is about preferring to be authentic rather than striving to be perfect. Zen lawyers have an honest presence that makes people feel safe, heard, and seen.

This is not about being a great entertainer. It is about being a lawyer who is awake and mindful.

I have created the Core Method Workshop, which helps jurors have a direct experience of the truth of five core areas: the physical, emotional, logical, motivational and Zen. The workshop includes a fusion of knowledge from theater arts, martial arts and mindfulness training, taught by Joshua Karton, Michael Leizerman and Jay Rinsen Weik.

I have used the methods in this workshop to repeatedly obtain justice for my clients with meaningful settlements and many record verdicts.

Praise For The Core Method Workshop

A more mindful approach.

The workshop made me a better lawyer and more thoughtful person.
- Martin Mathers

Well worth the price of admission.

It renewed my passion for a profession that was no longer providing me with satisfaction.
- Jim Malek

A truly eye-opening experience.

You will leave the seminar as a better attorney and a better advocate.
- Curtis Fifner