The Zen Lawyer Michael Leizerman
Praise For The Zen Lawyer

Praise For The Zen Lawyer: Winning With Mindfulness

This is a worthy read.

Zen Lawyer brings the insights and disciplines of Zen into the courtroom. And with that gives us a powerful invitation into the complexities of honesty and compassion in the service of justice. This is a worthy read not only for the courtroom attorney, but for all of us seeking to balance our spiritual lives together with the mess of life itself. I highly recommend it.”

James Ishmael Ford
Author of If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break

What a terrific book.

“What a terrific book.  The insight for lawyers, young and old, is truly remarkable.  This book changes the way lawyers should prepare their case and the way lawyers should try their case.  It is truly extraordinary.”

Tom Girardi

Buy this book

“Michael and Rinsen’s Zen Lawyer workshop changed my life for the better.  Instead of “trying a lawsuit,” I have learned to create a shared experience in the courtroom and to trust the jurors to do justice.  Not only have my verdicts gotten a lot bigger, but trial has turned from a time of stress to a joyful event.  If you want to win trials while increasing the happiness in your life, buy this book.”

Michael Cowen
Trucking lawyer and host of Trial Lawyer Nation podcast

Search for the truth.

“Lawyers often tell jurors a trial is a “search for the truth”, but they rarely actually include themselves among the “searchers”; they just want to tell jurors where to look for “the truth”. Michael Leizerman invites lawyers reading his work to expand and refine their daily practice to include their own search for 5 “core truths” they can find, and embody in their trial presentations. As he says, “With all the cores, you start with mindfulness of yourself, then apply it to the case.” Sometimes arriving at a core truth means setting aside parts of cases one would otherwise fight over. Ultimately, with practice, Michael says the Zen Attorney can embody the integrity of each case’s core truths, creating a palpable, winning contrast with opposing advocates.”

Eric Oliver
Trial consultant

Do you want to be a great lawyer?

“Do you want to be a great lawyer? Then read this book. It is not possible to be a great courtroom lawyer unless you are a Mindful Lawyer. A  Mindful Lawyer means that you are totally in the present without judging what is happening. This book teaches you step-by-step how to reach these levels of mindfulness and thus become a much better lawyer. Not only will this book improve your court room performance it will improve your relationships with your family, acquaintances and your co-workers. This book is unique because it is the only book designed for trial lawyers on how to become more mindful in their life. I highly recommend it for every part of your life.”

Lisa Blue, PhD JD

It’s the secret sauce.

“Michael Leizerman is a master trial lawyer.  In this book he shares his life work (to date) on how to approach lawyering in a truly honest, compassionate, and mindful way.  Yes, this will make you a better lawyer and a better human.  Yes, this will make you win more often and better results.  Learn how to develop mindfulness and how being mindful of your senses, emotions, and surroundings leads to clarity and compelling persuasion.  This is more than theory – it’s the secret sauce.  If you want to take your game to a new level, read this book and practice what it preaches.”

Joe Fried
Founder of Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, Faculty Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College

The true study of the practice of law.

“There are a lot of books for the advocate, but as far as I know, Michael with Rinsen have done something here which simply has not been done before:  Zen and the Art of Trial Advocacy. The practice of law as a spiritual practice.  We all understand “up here” (pointing to the head) that who you are, the person whom the jurors meet, the human being who opens the door for them to take an action meaningful to them, outweighs the words deployed, the “lawyering”.  I have watched as Michael over the years has undertaken the true study of the practice of law, through brilliant lawyering, yes, but beyond that, through the practice of meditation, the disciplines of aikido, the training of the theater artist . . . the work on who he is, who he can be.  He has walked the talk, and is giving us his manual for what can allow the lawyer to use the practice of law to make a better world.  It is a precious volume.”

Joshua Karton
Trial Consultant

Make the world a better place.

“Michael Leizerman, one of the most gifted trial lawyers in the country, has written a revolutionary book that combines the best lessons of mindfulness with the newest and most effective approaches to trial advocacy.   A significant amount of material shatters stereotypes of what we learned decades ago in law school.  This book has the power to absolutely transform the way trial lawyers relate to clients, advocate to a jury and make meaning out of their profession lives.   Each chapter is packed with real-life practical examples that lawyers can start to use the day they begin reading.  Every lawyer who reads this book, I predict, will better understand his/her role as an advocate who has the capacity to bring about positive societal change through our jury system, one case at a a time.  It is a book that we could all be proud to have a jury read, as well.  In fact, the introduction is specifically addressed to jurors who may be reading the book, the first introduction of its kind that I have ever seen.

The approach of using mindfulness at every stage of the case, from the moment the client walks in the door, is insightful and demonstrably effective.

Michael is universally respected in trial lawyer circles for all of the good he has done by approaching his cases as a way to make the world a better place.  By understanding how to empower clients to help them bring their testimony to life and accomplish a just result, Michael teaches some of the most complex, brilliant concepts in a way that anyone can apply.   Even better, it is easy to see how attorneys who incorporate this approach will have a more meaningful and fulfilling life because of it.  It is a healthy approach to our clients, our cases, and how we choose to spend our professional lives.  This book deserves to become a classic on every trial lawyer’s desk.”

Valerie Yarashus
Past president Massachusetts Bar Association and Massachusetts Academy of Trial Lawyers